HDMI Cables by Application

At first glance, many HDMI cables look similar in design and appearance, however there are usually significant differences when comparing commercial grade and consumer grade HDMI Cables. These can be important because they will affect the reliability, endurance and total cost of the project for customers over time.

Commercial Grade

Kordz Commercial grade HDMI Cables are designed and engineered for long term endurance and reliability. Making installation easier is also another factor Kordz incorporate in their design thinking. The easier it is to run the cable, the more cost savings are made during installation.
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Home Entertainment

Kordz takes these cables to the next level incorporating a graceful design, the use of superior materials and pushing the boundaries for an outstanding home entertainment experience.
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Long Length Solutions

In many AV environments, long length HDMI cables are required to reach that little further than normal. Long length cables generally come in 3 different types. Passive Copper, Active Copper and Active Optical (AOC) Cables. Each has its purpose and can make a difference to any installation.
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Short Length Solutions

Almost every AV installation uses short length HDMI interconnect cables. These cables are usually used for connecting source devices such as DVD players, media streaming devices to TV’s, monitors or AV Receivers.
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