PRS – For High Performance Applications

Designed to support higher data rates and signal performance with superior compactness, flexibility and resilience. PRS Series challenges what’s possible for cable connectivity in high performance applications with easy installation and Kordz’ signature robustness.

PRS⁴ Series HDMI Cables

The Kordz PRS4 48Gbps Ultra High Speed Certified HDMI Cables are designed to meet the high demands and rigour of professional integration. They’re constructed to be compact, robust and flexible, while supporting the full features and benefits of the latest HDMI technologies at 48Gbps.
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PRS³ Series HDMI Cables

More robust, higher quality materials and superior results in installations with high-performance requirements. Our PRS Series HDMI exceeds the standards for flexibility and performance. Available in Active, Passive, and Optical.
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PRS Series Patch Cords

CAT6A U/FTP patch cords are optimised for flexibility and connectivity with short mounting depth and patent pending shielded RJ45 connectors to challenge what’s possible in high bandwidth AV installation.
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PRS Series Toolless CAT6A Field Connector

The Kordz Toolless RJ45 CAT6A Connector is built to make the integrator’s life easier. Featuring a die-cast alligator style, toolless termination design, slim profile & rugged build, this Field Termination plug perfectly compliments the Kordz ONE Series CAT6A network Cable.
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PRS Series Toolless CAT6A RJ45 Keystone Socket

The PRS Series Keystone RJ45 Sockets perfectly complement Kordz ONE Series Bulk Category Cabling. Featuring a die-cast metal clamshell design and a latching mechanism the Keystone RJ45 Sockets are very easy to fit.
View PRS Series Toolless CAT6A RJ45 Keystone Socket

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