22 American Wire Gauge, also referred to as 22AWG, refers to the thickness of the conductors used inside a cable. 22AWG refers to a conductor being 0.64mm thick in its total diameter.

Balanced audio is a method of interconnecting audio equipment using balanced interfaces. Allowing the use of long cables while reducing susceptibility to external noise caused by electromagnetic interference. 

The Shielded tech icon means that the associated cable or product has some form of shielding applied to it's construction. Typically reducing noise and interference from disrupting the
transmission of data or digital signal. There are many different types of shielding, and will be specified in the associated products specifications.

This Icon denotes that the copper used within the cable is 99.99% Oxygen free.

LSZH stands for Low Smoke Zero Halogen. LSZH cable jacketing is composed of thermoplastic or thermoset compounds that emit limited smoke and no halogens when exposed to high sources of heat or fire. This fire rating prevents the loss of visibility due to smoke, and toxic halogen gases being produced by combustion.

The Kordz Lifetime Warranty means that the associated product is covered under warranty and promises maintained product functionality and performance for your lifetime. Refer to for more information.

  • Product outline

    • High-purity stranded OFC conductors for robust sound transmission 
    • Comprehensive aluminium foil shielding for maximum interference protection 
    • Foil shield and drain wire for simplified installation 
    • Versatile LSZH jacket that’s ideal for various installation environments 
    • Lifetime Warranty
  • Technical info


    Cable Lay-Up: 2 cores (Black & Orange), shielded (foil + drain wire)
    Primary Conductors: Stranded 22AWG OFC (19/0.16mm)
    Insulation: Polyethylene (0.2 ± 0.05mm)
    Drain Wire: Stranded 22AWG tinned OFC (7/0.250mm)
    Shielding: Aluminium + PET foil, 125% coverage
    Cable Jacket Material: LSZH composite material
    Jacket Thickness: 0.5mm (nominal)
    Cable Diameter: 3.6mm
    Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C


    Cable Bend Radius:
    Max. Pull Tension: 20kg

  • Warranty

    Kordz product Lifetime Warranty promises maintained product function and performance for your lifetime.

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ONE Series – Balanced Audio Cable

The Kordz ONE Series Balanced Audio Cable is engineered to deliver robust audio performance in professional audio installations. It features high-purity stranded OFC conductors and a comprehensive aluminium foil shield for 125% coverage. This ensures minimal signal interference over extended distances. The cable’s installation-friendly design, coupled with an LSZH jacket, makes it ideal for versatile installations whether in-wall or exposed.


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  • 100m, 22AWG x 2, Black

    332.00 (incGST) K11002-100M-BK In stock

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