HD Audio is a term used to describe high definition or resolution audio. HD audio typically refers to content recorded and played back at rates at or higher than 44.1K samples per second and a bit depth of 16 or greater. Common HD audio formats are 96Hz/24b and 192Hz/24b.

TOSLink is an optical digital audio cable, originally designed by Toshiba. TOSLink is easily identified by its square shaped connector. It is used to transmit digital audio via S/PDIF (Sony
Phillips Digital Interface) from a device or display to a receiver.

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  • Product outline

    Kordz PRO Series TOSLink Cable is engineered to deliver clean, accurate sound whilst minimising distortion and signal interference. Its flexible, slim profile and robust jacket tolerates tight installations, while secure fit connectors and polyfibre conductors offer optimised digital audio transmission. Kordz TOSLink Cable offers simple installation, tight tolerance and shallow mounting depth connectors for advanced connection reliability in professional and commercial settings.

    • Tight tolerance for secure connection
    • Shallow mounting depth connectors
    • 1mm polyfibre with polished ends
    • Flexible and durable matte black PVC jacket
    • Available in lengths from 0.5m to 20m
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PRO Series TOSLink Cable

Kordz PRO Series TOSLink Cable delivers clean, accurate sound in an optimised digital audio signal for professional AV installations. Its high-density optical fibre construction excels in flexibility and durability, featuring secure click-fit connectors and a polyfibre conductor for optimal digital audio transmission.

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  • 0.5m

    22.00 (incGST) PRO3-TL0050 In stock
  • 1.0m

    25.00 (incGST) PRO3-TL0100 In stock
  • 1.5m

    28.00 (incGST) PRO3-TL0150 In stock
  • 2.0m

    32.00 (incGST) PRO-TL0200 In stock
  • 3.0m

    39.00 (incGST) PRO3-TL0300 In stock
  • 5.0m

    51.00 (incGST) PRO-TL0500 Call us
  • 7.5m

    72.00 (incGST) PRO-TL0750 In stock
  • 10.0m

    87.00 (incGST) PRO3-TL1000 In stock
  • 12.5m

    101.00 (incGST) PRO-TL1250 In stock
  • 15.0m

    116.00 (incGST) PRO3-TL1500 Call us
  • 20.0m

    149.00 (incGST) PRO3-TL2000 In stock

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